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What do you need to earn money?

Before starting work, you need to register on the site. After registering, go to the "Read news" section, read, check and select "interesting" or "uninteresting" for the latest news.

What are the conditions for receiving money?

You can get money for choosing interesting or uninteresting pieces of the latest news anytime you have a minimum amount. To receive money, you should sign the number of the payment system. You can choose one of 4 payment systems. The minimum amount you get is $ 700. You can achieve it easily reading the latest pieces of news and expressing your opinion.

What do I get money for?

Thousands of the latest news appear on the Internet every day. Most pieces of the latest news are uninteresting and the only thing they do is overloading the information flow. We cooperate with the largest information platforms and we transfer received coded data to them. Thanks to our project, these sites form an interesting news feed, which allows them to remain the best and attract tens of thousands of new users every day. These information platforms pay us for the data and we pay you for your opinion.

Do I need to invite other users to the site?

You don't have to invite users. But our site always needs new users to determine if the latest pieces of news are interesting, so you will get a lot of money for inviting new people. Inviting friends and other users is available after registration only.

Which country can I earn from?

Users of our site can be from any country and any region of the world. Welcome to the site and let’s make an informational flow more interesting for everyone!

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